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Christmas Eve


Christmas Eve is a strategy RPG game. Players need to help the Santa Claus collect the gifts in the map and deliver them to the right house within a  limited time.  In this process, the player hide from or shoot monsters to avoid being killed.


We combined three different proposals made by our team members together into a new one.

Shooting & RPG game

Collecting game & Christmas background



Unity and unity assets store for build the game and find assets.


Discord for discussion and teamwork


Refine some game model

Mind map and story board

Evolvement of functions


  • Spawner with cubes

In the beginning we use cubs to represent monsters to test the spawn function. We can change the waiting time of monsters' spawning up and the route of monsters' movement.

  • Change the cube to the monster

In this step, We replace the cube with the monster and add some animations to the role.

  • Add a target to the monsters

We add a target (player role) to the monsters in their movement and when the distance between the target and the monsters less than the attack range, meanwhile act the attack animation.


Pickup function:

  • Collide to pick up gifts (tester always collect gifts by clicking them so we think it would be great to change it to mouse control)------->

  • Mouse click to pick up and drag gifts (didn’t use this because the cursor axis is 2d but our entire game is 3d, 2d controlling seems lack of precision)------>

  • Collide to pick up (we use mouse left click to drop gifts by clicking buttons)


Drop function:

  • Click button and follow cursor to the house (give up because differences between 2d axis and 3d axis) ------>

  • Click button to transform gifts to in front of the player​

Match function:

  • Gift match with the room (found out there is no sign for letting players know whether it is correct)------>

  • Measure the distance between gift and house, once it within certain distance, set active false


Goal counter function:


  • Counter number of gifts player has collected and name of those gifts (found out match house with gifts by name is too hard and hard to present on Mini-map)

  • Match gift and house by color, counter number of the gifts that has been collected (found out we actually should count the number of gifts that has been delivered correctly)

  • Count the score every time when a gift is correctly delivered, show the number of all of the games at the same time.

Shooting Function

Press to shoot

  • Left mouse------> “F”

In the beginning we use mouse to control the direction of player's view, so we use key code “f” to fire.


  • “F” ------> Left mouse

According to the feedback of play test, players complained that the mouse to change the view will make them dizzy, so we began to use right mouse to control the direction of view and use left mouse to fire.


  • Left mouse------>”F”

According to the feedback of play test, we find it’s not convenient to use left mouse to fire and right mouse to control the direction of view at the same time. So we change the trigger to key code “again”.


  • Don’t use gravity(pic1)------> Gravity------>don’t use gravity + Mesh Collider(pic2)

We tried to use gravity to make it more simulated to real world. Then we find the ballistic trajectory made player difficult to target the enemy. So we use mesh collider making it rebound to other objects and canceled the gravity .



  • Health bar ------> hearts

We have 2 health bars in the beginning one represent the health of enemy which is stick on the enemy and the other is on the canvas represent the health of the player. Then we find enemy health bar just make the canvas looks messed so we deleted it.

The health bar of player was a little confusing because it takes time for players to read the amount of left blood on the bar. So we use hearts to represent the lives of players.



  • Time count------> Time circle------Time circle +Time count

We use time count test in the beginning and find it takes time to read and looks ugly. Then we set a time circle to represent time down count. In the final version we use both time count test and time circle to  represent time.


  • spotlight------> icon

In the earlier version of prototype we use spotlight sticking on the player to show the location of the player on the map. And then we learn we can use icon to represent the location of player on the mini-map by hidden the  level of the mini-map camera. Them we use the same function to add the location of house on the map using color spot(sphere).

Scene Management

  • Adding pause function

           By using pause menu users can restart and quit the game.

  • Adding rule interface

play test



Dec 5th

  1. Camera is too dizzy, maybe should change the controller of the camera.

  2. There is no instructor and tips in the beginning which make people confused about how to play and control the character.

  3. Candy bullet is great, but looks like just animations. Wish they can actually hit the christmas trees and rebounce.

  4. Whole scene is beautiful and great, created a christmas feeling.

Dec 14th

  1. There is no sign for each house which make people confused about whether did they delivered gifts correctly.

  2. Should add some sound  when hit the monsters or shooting. It would be great if player can know exactly which house to put the specific gift in.

  3. Hard to remember the whole route of the houses. Should add a minimap to help.

  4. Monsters are coming out too often, too easy to die.

Dec 18th

  1. Font size of rules and instructions in the beginning are too small…

  2. Too much instructions(but are all necessary...)

  3. A little bit simple to collect just one gift at a time

  4. Great sound interaction!


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