Where old projects go to retire

Here I publish all of my previous projects that demonstrate my research, critical thinking, and entrepreneurial abilities. As you scroll through, you can see my progression in both UX and Visual abilities from beginner to now.

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Carpooling with Friends

Carpooling app which allows you to book a journey with friends and split the cost.


Inclusive Design-Microsoft

Facilitate communication between a hearing-impaired person and those around them through speech and text.


ALIVE Interactive Dashboard

I created the dashboard from the ground up. Working with my project manager and engineers. In addition, I prototyped all of the micro-interactions.

Heart Attack alarming app

NYU Fire Research Group has collaborated with the fire departments 


American Sniper sound analyzed 

This graphic design work is a sound map based on scenes from American Sniper. I made the sound map after studying the audio.

Imagining what Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality could bring

In my spare time, I enjoy experimenting with different realities in interesting ways. These experiments make use of a variety of technologies, including ARKit, ARCore, Vuforia, Unity, etc...