Firebeats Heart Attack alarming System

Data Visualization + Human AI Interaction


Firebeats is an early heart attack detection app designed and developed for firefighters. Sudden cardiac events account for nearly 60% of all line-of-duty deaths in fire service. The goal of this project is to develop an application that monitors the physiological data of firefighters using personal wireless wearable health trackers, evaluates the physiological strain based on an algorithm developed using relevant health research for firefighters, and alerts the firefighter about impending health risks. 

In this project, NYU Fire Research Group has collaborated with the fire departments from New York, Chicago, Houston, Los Angeles, and Minneapolis. The target audience for this project is all of the firefighters (approximately 1.16 million ) in the nation. Later, this product will be promoted to general population. 


product designer     /      Researcher      /      UX & UI Designer

  1.  Firefighters have higher risk of having cardiac problem, they don't know how to take care of it.  Firefighters heart activity is different from normal people(heart rate higher). Normal alarm system are not suitable.

  2. Firefighters have different phones and smart watches. Not all of them have latest apple watch.

  3. Firefighters want to share their heart activity with people who they trust and people who concern them

  4.  Fire departments want to monitOring the health of their firefighters 

  1. Design an easy-to-use mobile application for firefighters to sync data from smartwatch , collecting firefighter log report and receive alarm. 

  2. Design a web app for administration. Create  simple and logical uSer flows for users with different permission levels.

  3. Design easy-to-understand data visualization for end-user to quickly understand time sensitive chart and non-time sensitive report.


1. Who are our Users(research + user interview)
2. what is the function do users expect to have ( user interview )
3. what is the required functions and available resources and development capabilities ( stakeholder interview and development   team interview)
4. What do need to concern when we design a medical application(research)


Context research

We visited the hospital and interviewed with researchers about the elements that they need to collect and the problems with the normal heart attack alarming system

User and stakeholder interview

We interviewed 5 firefighters for their feedbacks of the experiment. Also we did a survey about their technology level and whether they have difficulty of syncing the data from watch to the app.

Data analytic

Data analytic

We researched on  the bio-metric data that the development team collected from the 300 subjects device and study features of data for visualization


Insight 1 : Most of our users are 40+ years old  males firefighters without technology usage background

Insight 2 : Large information needed to support the algorithm

Insight 3 :  Users hope this app will be helpful but not consuming too much time and effort


Mobile Application

Administration Dashboard


Mobile Application (Selected)

Administration Dashboard (Selected)


Mobile Application (Selected)

Administration Dashboard (Selected)

Doctor Dashboard

Patient Profile

Administration Dashboard (site map)

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