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Worthix user access system Optimization

Project Summary

Project Name:  Worthix user access system Optimization

Target Audience:   Worthix Users and Client account admin

Problem:    As business and product line grow, there’re new needs for user access settings. The old system caused        duplicated works from admin and redundant actions from users

Project Goal:    Optimizing the user access system. Create a highly customized user permission system which allows users to have different permissions across different Projects  

Steps:    Old System evaluation, Restructuring the user admin task flow, Creating an interactive prototype based on the new task flow, User testing

My Role:   Information architect, User experience designer

Why optimization of the existing user access system was necessary
Why optimization

Since Worthix product lines keep expanding and clients' business models more and more diverse, the old user access management system doesn’t fit anymore.  Admins need to do a lot of duplicated works for setting roles and users need to have redundant actions to access the interface they need. 


Interfaces of the old system

Understanding the problem 
Understanding the problem 

Here’s an example of how the old system works: 

 A Retail Company has an analytics department and 200 Project Managers.  The admin wants to set up roles to allow analysts access to different projects (survey and dashboard) with different permissions, and allow store managers to have access only to their own projects’ dashboard. 

Project and user role structure

Untitled Diagram (3).png

What does Admin should do for set up access for analyst and Store Managers

Web 1920 – 6.png

What is the user task flow when different roles what to access the project file

Web 1920 – 7.png
  • Projects (dashboard and surveys) are shared based on workspaces. If users want to have access to different combinations of dashboards and surveys they will need to create a new dashboard for that. 

  • Roles are associated with workspaces only, which means access to different files can not share through different workspaces. If users have different access to projects in one workspace, then admin needs to create a unique role for this user in this workspace.

  • If one workspace has 200 project managers then admin needs to set it up for 200 times.

  • In Admin’s workspace list. There are many duplicated dashboards and surveys exist in different workspaces. Which also occupied the backend storage and make the system worked slower.

  • Users only have one survey or dashboard access still needs to go through the whole process(workspace - survey - dashboard ). Some users reflect a complaint about locating a specific file.

  • Abandon the workspace level in the file structure. Allow roles to apply to files (survey and dashboard ) directly.  

  • Each user has one account which includes all the projects(dashboard and surveys) they have access to.

  • Create an entrance to allow users to upload the role settings through tables.

  • Change information architecture to reduce users redundant actions

Restructuring The Task Flow

After a meeting with the product manager and a couple of engineers, I got a solid understanding of what’s the goal of redesign and how much effort it will take. We all agree with one solution.

Restructuring The Task Flow

What does Admin should do for set up access for analyst and Store Managers

Untitled Diagram (5).png

What is the user task flow when different roles what to access the project file

Untitled Diagram (6).png
Prototype & Testing

Below are some key interfaces of the new system


The Admin account has access to manage User role interface. From there they can manage all the roles they created for one enterprise accoun

This new system allows users to create roles associate with a specific project and every user in the same enterprise account could be applied to this role. 


The new system allows users to download our user role excel template. So they can edit it from excel and upload it to the system. This allows admin to deal save the time of duplicating work 

Admin Can manage users and change role settings from the user role profile page

Screen Shot 2020-08-27 at 8.44.23 PM.png

Users who are not an admin (have many accounts to manage) will see the project page when they login which saved time from going through the account page

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